Weekly Travel Theme: Benches

Alisa’s weekly travel theme is all about benches and the unique stories each location has to share. I knew immediately which bench I wanted to show you but had to wait a day to make the trip to Bellingham, WA to capture the image. The weather switched between snow and rain (in April!) but there was a break in the clouds and I quickly snapped these photos.

Dirty Dan Harris

Dirty Dan Harris 2

This bench is outside of one of my favorite book stores, Village Books in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham, WA.  Dirty Dan Harris led a colorful, adventure filled life as a whaler, Indian trader, smuggler, fighter in the Yakima Indian War, packer on the Caribou Trail, and then hotel owner and founder of the town of Fairhaven.  For more information please read this fun post about his life and history.

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: Benches

  1. I love your bench photo for several reasons. 1. It’s a good photo, interesting subject. 2. I’ve always wanted to go to Bellingham, WA. 3. It’s in front of a book store. 4. It reminds me of the Bench photo I submitted with my father seated on the bench. He was seated in a similar posture. Thanks for liking my bench photos.


    1. Rosemarie, thanks for your comments! I grew up in Bellingham and this was my first and favorite bookstore. 🙂 I loved the photos of your father, what a beautiful way to share him with us.


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