iPhone Monday: 2-24-14

iPhone Monday 2-24-14

The 4th week of each month at Lens and Pen by Sally’s phoneography challenge is devoted to Challenger’s Choice.  There are several categories participants can use for inspiration including Abstraction, Animals, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Objects, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel. This week I’ve selected Street Photography so could post this image of a happy couple strolling through Seattle’s Pike Place Market on Christmas Eve and I really hope his brown shopping bag holds the last few items on their gift list.

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33 thoughts on “iPhone Monday: 2-24-14

  1. This reminds me I haven’t been to Seattle in too many years and also that I can’t wait for summer, when the farmer’s markets start here. I miss Cleveland, where the market near us went indoors in the winter and only closed for several Saturdays a year.



    1. It would be perfect if our local markets had a space large enough to host year round. I can drive into Seattle for fresh winter produce at this market but otherwise must wait until spring for the fair weather ones to re-open.


      1. Space is always the issue but the winter market in places where you have to go indoors, is also much smaller. We were fortunate that there was a spot the market could use. Unfortunately, it was there because an independent bookstore went out of business. 😦


  2. What a great and colorful food photo that is really a street photo! I love that you captured a couple of shoppers approaching the market. It makes the street alive.


  3. this is one of my favourite must-stop-here places in Seattle! that fruit looks so cheerful.
    is the fish market still there? it has been far too long since i have visited. if memory serves correctly, the last time i was before i got my first digital camera. and i have had one for about 6 years and a bit.
    in any case, enjoyed this moment. thanks for sharing!


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