Black & White Tuesday: 3-25-14

B&W Tuesday 3-25-14

A fun moment around the International Fountain at the Seattle Center.  This fountain, along with the Space Needle were designed and built as part of the 1962 World’s Fair and is a popular place to run, play and relax in all kinds of weather.  The fountain sprays in varied patterns through the day and is said to have some of the cleanest water in the city as every gallon is recycled and filtered three times before reaching the public.

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15 thoughts on “Black & White Tuesday: 3-25-14

  1. We found the fountain by accident, but we spend time there on two occasions, just watching people interacting with it (and getting wet). I got some great photos, too – I’ll have to post them some time! Thanks for the reminder, Lisa!


    1. Thanks so much Amy! As a side note I saw another local blogger posted some photos of this fountain from the same day…I checked them closely to see if we were there at the same time! We weren’t, but it’s a popular place. 🙂


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