A Surprise Every Day: Shaking Up October With Hipstamatic (week 1)

The first full week of October blew through the Pacific Northwest in true fall fashion.  We enjoyed a stretch of sunny days filled with blue skies and fall colors, our summer-brown lawns and dry plants started to green up again and the sun rise is now late enough that I can enjoy it after my morning coffee.  All in all not a bad week.

Sunday afternoon I put on my walking shoes and went out to climb the hills in our neighborhood for some fresh air and exercise.  Monday I stopped to capture the begonia blooms on one of my deck pots and Tuesday I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this cute sign.  Everyone needs a smiley face now and then. 🙂

Wednesday found me in the back yard with some plants at the end of their growing season and Thursday is a view of Finn’s sad face as he realized his constant licking earned him 10 days in a larger cone while his incision continues to heal.  Friday morning arrived with a beautiful sunrise and even though Hipstamatic’s random addition of a Cherry Shine flash muted the colors I still like the composition and it’s enough to spark my memory when I want to see a bright pink sky.  Saturday began and ended with plenty of sunshine but the middle of the day was a completely different experience filled with drenching rain and gusty winds.  This was the view through my windshield after a stock-up trip to the grocery store.

Each photo was taken with my iPhone 6 using Hipstamatic’s “shake to randomize” function then posted without any additional editing. If you like a particular combination and want to try it at home just click on the image to see the lens, filter and flash used.  For variety I continue to add new lenses and filters so if you want to try Hipstamatic but are unsure how to start let me know and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Black and White Tuesday: 9-17-13

B&W Tuesday 1 9-17-13 2

When I’m working from home Heidi is happy to nap outside the office door as long as she gets a short walk in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon.   Yesterday was busier than normal though and our afternoon walk had to be postponed until later in the day.  By 3:00 pm she let me know loud and clear what a boring human I am…