Wordless Wednesday: 10-28-15 (Light At the End of the Storm)

Wordless Wednesday 10-28 After The Storm

A Surprise Everyday: Shaking Up September With Hipstamatic (week 3)

September has been a busy month for us filled with growth, change and some pretty big adjustments.   The first week of the month was all about wrapping up summer and preparing for a new school while the second week was filled with last minute preparations for high school, first day nerves, traveling and saying good-by to my Grandma Emma.  This third week brought a welcome chance to catch our breath, settle into new routines and start planing for the rest of fall and winter 2015.

Sunday was a quiet day out of necessity.  I was tired, there was a lot to do to get ready for a new week and at 10:00 pm I realized I hadn’t taken a photo for this project.  I quickly looked around for a suitable subject and found Finn curled up at my feet waiting patiently for bed.  Monday afternoon Ryan brought home new music to practice for his first pep band performance at the next football game and Tuesday I stopped to snap this pretty green leaf by the side of the road.

Wednesday was probably our last warm day of the year and I couldn’t let it pass without one more comfortable walk along the beach.  Through the next few months we’ll be shivering in the cold wind while standing in the sand but I’ll still bring Ryan along to throw rocks and hunt for shells as we watch the birds and sea creatures hunt for food.   Thursday morning I realized the sun was barely up over the  horizon and noted our early dog walks are going to be happening in the dark very soon.  This photo was one of three this week where I also tried adding a random flash choice along with the lens and filter changes in order to bring more light into the image.  Friday morning was another flash opportunity and the happy discovery that the green stripes on Ryan’s backpack glow in the dark.  Since he is standing on a dark street waiting for his school bus at 6:35 am every bit of light and reflection adds a layer of security. A busy Saturday ended on a nice note as we walked to a school BBQ with long-time friends and finished the evening at their house enjoying good food, great company and a few bottles of wine. 🙂  We spotted this pretty row of sunflowers on the walk and everyone graciously waited for me to get out my phone, shake Hipstamatic to set a new combination and snap a quick picture.

Each photo was taken with my iPhone 6 using Hipstamatic’s “shake to randomize” function then posted without any additional editing. If you like a particular combination and want to try it at home just click on the image to see the lens, filter and flash used.  For variety I continue to add new lenses and filters so if you want to try Hipstamatic but are unsure how to start let me know and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (Freedom on the Beach)

iPhone Tuesday 9-8-15

Kids + Beach = Freedom to Run

Put two kids on the beach together and they naturally fall in step, running toward the open water, sunshine and surf.

Ryan and his cousin Sophia were my inspiration for this week’s “nature” challenge at Lens and Pen by Sally.

Travel Theme: Edge


There are several reasons I chose this photo for Alisa’s travel theme “Edge” but my favorite element is the line of Gulls patiently waiting their turn to stretch their wings and fly away.

Travel Theme: Meeting Places

Meeting Places

There’s nothing quite like the mix of summer weather, interesting beaches and kids with plenty of imagination and time on their hands.  Driftwood forts are a common sight on Lopez Island and each beach we visited had at least one great structure ready and waiting for the next group to meet up and play until bedtime…

Posted as part of the Weekly Travel Theme:  Meeting Places.

Travel Theme: Misty


I love living by the waterfront with easy access to the beach but our proximity to Puget Sound also brings plenty of misty days .  In the fall we can spend weeks at a time wrapped in thick fog and even though I know the trees are turning brilliant shades of red and yellow and that the sky is bright blue above the fog line everything around us is muted, pale and quiet.

Both of these photos are from the same day in October, 2013.  The first view is what greeted us as we walked into to the park and the second was our surprise as the 10 day stretch of fog finally lifted just before sunset.  Some of you might remember the bright image below from my Wordless Wednesday:  10-23-13 post.

Wordless Wednesday 10-23-13

I like to think this kind of view is our reward for making it thorough the long, foggy days of October.

Posted as part of Alisa’s weekly Travel Theme:  Misty.

Travel Theme: Wood


This huge beach log is one of the most photographed spots on our favorite Edmonds beach and of course I can’t help stopping several times a year to try capturing a new angle.  When the tide is out this section of the log is almost as high as my shoulder and the top is wide and flat, perfect for watching the sunset and balance walking.

Posted as part of Alisa’s Travel Theme:  Wood.

Black and White Animals: Heidi

Black and White Animals

I’ve never met a Lab who didn’t love playing at the beach.  The combination of water, sticks, sand, other dogs and stinky things to roll in make for a fun-filled afternoon and a happy, sleepy dog who goes to bed early is pretty nice too.

Posted as part of Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Animals.

Travel Theme: The Four Elements

This week Alisa has asked us for images representing the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. I had fun looking through my files for this one!

Fossilized Mammoth Bones from a dig site in Eastern Washington
Kite Flying in the San Juan Islands
Kite Flying in the San Juan Islands
Sunset on Orcas Island
Sunset on Orcas Island
Beach fire on Decatur Island
Beach fire on Decatur Island

To see more great interpretations of the four elements or to post your own (everybody’s welcome) please visit Alisa at Where’s My Backpack.


Decatur Dawn

Dawn usually finds me curled up on the couch with my first cup of coffee.  I like to get up early but rarely step outside until after the sun is up so it took me a few days to find a picture to meet A Word in Your Ear’s latest challenge – Dawn.  New Year’s Day is different though and while most of my family is sound asleep I get up as early as I can and take a walk to begin the new year with a fresh start.  This picture was from my January 1st, 2010 walk during a wind storm on Decatur Island.  The clouds were dark and heavy when I began but as the wind blew an opening for the sun I shielded my camera from the salt spray and quickly snapped this photo.

If you would like to see more images of Dawn around the world please visit A Word in Your Ear and the Word A Week Challenge – Dawn.