You don’t even know where I’m going. I don’t care. I’d like to go anywhere.

John Steinbeck

While the word wanderlust brings to mind images of grand vacations and months long backpacking adventures I have the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to thank for a definition that makes sense to those of us who work more than one job and rarely have time for vacations.

strong longing for or impulse toward wandering


I may not be on vacation but I do get the urge to wander and last week I wasn’t alone on my ramble…

My real destination was the gym for an early morning workout but after a week of rain and clouds the sun was finally out and at the last-minute I turned right instead of left.  I know I’m lucky to belong to a gym where I can see the water but there are times when the proximity tests my resolve for a good sweaty hour in the weight room.

On this particular day I had company on my ramble and this little bird followed me over the bridge and out to the pier.  We walked together to the end when it flew away and I turned my thoughts to the rest of the day.

Eventually I did make it to the gym and smiled during my warm up cycle while I scrolled through pictures of my detour ramble.

Side note – @MerriamWebster is one of my favorite twitter feeds.  If you’re not already following them take a look.  They make words fun!

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (Baby Birds and Gun Batteries)

I’m slowly working my way through hundreds of photos from our 2015 Staycation and in typical fashion 90% of them are of trees, beaches and the natural vistas that make the Pacific Northwest such a beautiful place to live.  I’ve got so many potential images for this weeks “nature” challenge it’s difficult to choose just one to share today but in the end I selected this photo of a little swallow family in front of an abandoned Gun Battery at Fort Warden, WA.  Their mamma flew by every couple of minutes with a new worm to feed her babies and this tiny group of four waited patiently until their bellies were full and it was time to return to the nest.

iPhone Saturday 10-11 Nature

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Travel Theme: Birds


Every time I try to take a picture of a cute little bird something goes wrong. If the shot isn’t terribly out of focus, then the bird will move at the last second or the finished image is just too boring to post but my lack of photographic timing doesn’t stop birds from flying into my pictures each time I’m at the waterfront.  Sometimes everything lines up just right and it looks like I actually planned the shot to include them but now you know the truth.  Any photo you see here with a bird in it is the result of an unplanned coincidence…

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