Black and White Animals: Heidi

Black and White Animals

I’ve never met a Lab who didn’t love playing at the beach.  The combination of water, sticks, sand, other dogs and stinky things to roll in make for a fun-filled afternoon and a happy, sleepy dog who goes to bed early is pretty nice too.

Posted as part of Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Animals.

Black and White Tuesday: 9-17-13

B&W Tuesday 1 9-17-13 2

When I’m working from home Heidi is happy to nap outside the office door as long as she gets a short walk in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon.   Yesterday was busier than normal though and our afternoon walk had to be postponed until later in the day.  By 3:00 pm she let me know loud and clear what a boring human I am…