Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Converge:  to come together and have one interest, purpose, or goal.


Thanksgiving in my family is a logistical puzzle but any of us who can be in the same place come together for a meal and between our various groups we share phone calls and goofy texted photos of turkey dinners and happy tables. This year John, Ryan and I joined my parents at their house while my youngest brother hosted his in-laws and sent us pictures of their perfect turkey wrapped in bacon.  Ours was still in the bag…  My sister filled her home with friends, cookies and plenty of food, my oldest brother spent the day with new friends and a house full of dogs while we took it easy with a traditional meal and enjoyed dessert with a side of Seahawk football.

Last year I took a favorite black and white photo of my Dad and Ryan walking on Thanksgiving afternoon and as luck would have it I have a new image of them together before dinner this year.

Posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Converge.