Travel Theme: Meeting Places

Meeting Places

There’s nothing quite like the mix of summer weather, interesting beaches and kids with plenty of imagination and time on their hands.  Driftwood forts are a common sight on Lopez Island and each beach we visited had at least one great structure ready and waiting for the next group to meet up and play until bedtime…

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Travel Theme: Decoration



I thought this cheery beach smile from Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez Island would be fun to post as part of Alisa’s weekly Travel Theme:  Decoration.

Travel Theme: Wood


This huge beach log is one of the most photographed spots on our favorite Edmonds beach and of course I can’t help stopping several times a year to try capturing a new angle.  When the tide is out this section of the log is almost as high as my shoulder and the top is wide and flat, perfect for watching the sunset and balance walking.

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A Word A Week: Arch


The natural arches in this large driftwood stump are a great place to play, climb and build forts on the Edmonds Waterfront.

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Black and White Tuesday 9-3-13

B&W Tuesday 1 9-3-13

B&W Tuesday 2 9-3-13

For today’s Black and White Tuesday post I thought it would be fun to experiment with the Hueless app on my iPhone.  These piles of curvy driftwood caught my attention as Ryan led me down the beach with the rule that we could only walk on logs…no sand or rock steps allowed.