Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature and Organic Produce

iPhone Saturday 6-6

I know summer’s right around the corner when I can count on a quick trip through our local garden market to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables.  This morning we filled our bags with apples, strawberries, rhubarb and big bouquet of peonies picked fresh a few hours earlier.  The house is full of their sweet, clean scent and I’m already thinking of a new list for next weekend. 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

A place reveals itself on its streets, from pedestrians strolling during lunch time, to performers entertaining tourists on sidewalks, to the bustle of local markets, and more. Whether you’re shoveling snow from your own driveway or walking a familiar route to work or getting lost in a foreign city, a snapshot of a street (or road or path) can tell a tale.

Cheri – The Daily Post

Street Life 1

The Edmond’s Farmer’s Market is usually full of happy shoppers visiting with friends and neighbors while filling their bags with locally grown flowers and vegetables.   This foggy September morning was much quieter than normal though and the change in weather and light made it feel like the first weekend of fall instead of the last weekend of summer.  I couldn’t help but notice everyone seemed lost in their own thoughts.

Street Life 2

Including this flower vendor standing alone under his green canopy…

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Travel Theme: Multicoloured

The vendors at our Edmonds Farmer’s Market had an amazing assortment of peppers available this morning . I love their bright, cheery colors and wonderful variety of flavors so of course we ended up with more than one bag for our fajitas tonight!

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The Edmonds Spring Garden Market

One of my favorite ways to spend a few hours is walking through a Farmer’s Market.  Lucky for me Edmonds has a wonderful space in the Downtown area that hosts both a spring and summer market.  The Spring Garden Market opened Saturday, May 4th and continues every Saturday until the Summer Market opens, June 29-Oct. 5.  The Spring market is a smaller gathering and includes produce from some wonderful farms as well as amazing flowers, fresh eggs, specialty jams and honey, pasta, cheese, baked goods, wine and hot doughnuts.  What more could you want?