Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Cold Brew Coffee On A Hot Summer Day

iPhone Wednesday 6-24

Picking a subject for Sally’s Challenger’s Choice week is always fun because with 11 categories to choose from pretty much everything I like to photograph fits the bill.  To keep things interesting I try to move through Sally’s list without repeating myself and this month I settled on food photography.  I know this is a bottle of cold brew coffee and not a pretty plate of food but in my family coffee is a food group and Stumptown Coffee Roasters is one of the best.  Plus, this has to be the cutest coffee bottle I’ve ever seen.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters opened in 1999 as a small cafe in Portland, OR with a core group of coffee loving employees devoted to ethical sourcing, local roasting and fantastic cups of coffee.  Their drip coffee and espresso blends are some of my favorites but in the summer Cold Brew tops the list and my milkman delivers it by the carton blended with milk and just a little sugar.  We found these little brown “stubbies” on Father’s Day and Hipstamatic’s shake to randomize function captured the moment using Rudy as the lens and Stand Up as the film.