Decatur Island, WA

2019 The Year of Sunshine, Soft Colors and Decatur Island: Week 3

Sometimes a look back at soft, summer pastels is a nice way to pass through the dark days of January.  Our warm winter continues but by this time of year the short days start to wear on me and I dream of long evenings outside until 10:00 pm enjoying the sunsets and visits with good friends.

Like this weekend in September on Decatur Island with Ryan, my friend Suzie and her daughter Naiah taking senior pictures.  Ryan and Naiah have been friends since daycare and we’ve shared more than a few vacations here in Suzie’s family cabin by the beach so when I got the chance to have the two of them together for official portraits I jumped on it.  They were great sports and we walked all over the island finding favorite locations and making new memories.

I you’d like to see Ryan and Naiah as little ones on Decatur take a look at one of my first posts here 6 years ago.  Forward

As for me this week has been a rush of working a few extra hours before attending to a long overdue matter followed by a stretch of enforced downtime.  I’m not one for quiet hours on the couch, or naps during the day so the thought of two weeks of doing nothing has been more than a little worrying.  I know plenty of people dream of something like this but I’ve actually been making lists of activities I can do while still following instructions and resting.  If anyone has a great book to recommend or a tv series/movie that I need to binge watch now’s the time to share!

As with past year-long photo challenges I don’t plan to post here every day, I’ll save that for my Instagram and Twitter accounts, but you faithful blog readers will get one weekly recap every Sunday.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol (Summer Smiles)

Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.

Christie Brinkley

This morning I’m remembering our 2014 Lopez Island adventure and dreaming about planning a return trip. One year ago today we hiked to the top of Iceberg Point and Ryan’s smile shone brightly from morning to night.

Sharing friendship and peace this post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Symbol.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

When they were 4

In response to today’s Weekly Photo Challenge I have two pictures of a great friendship moving forward through 11 years.

When my son was one he found a new friend at daycare.  It didn’t matter to them that they were boy and girl and happily, 11 years later, this still isn’t a factor in their friendship.  They stayed together in daycare, enrolled in the same school for Kindergarten and today are in the sixth grade having been in the same classroom 10 of the past 11 years.   They each have their own circle of boy and girl friends but look to each other as that familiar, comfortable person they can relax with and be themselves.  I love to see them let go of the school pressures and just be young people laughing together.

Our families are close and my picture above is from our first vacation together eight years ago.  The kids were so relaxed and happy I couldn’t resist capturing the moment as we passed a sunny afternoon walking to the candy store.

Our families return to this beautiful island every year and my next picture is from our visit last spring.  Here they are, 11 years old, walking forward into another adventure.

When they were 11