Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Late Winter

Today’s photo challenge  is about getting lost in the details.  Late winter in my backyard can be dark, muddy and sometimes a little depressing. I love to garden but this time of year is tough for me to appreciate as the ground is covered with debris from winter storms and too wet and cold for most spring flowers.  After spending a chilly day clearing leaves and branches it is a treat to find the first hellebores blooming and the fine details of their simple, hardy flowers never fail to make me smile.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

When my son heard we were selling our house and moving to a new neighborhood he insisted he wouldn’t leave without his “thinking” rock. Turns out his idea of home was a quiet place to sit in the backyard and I suspect he thought if we couldn’t lift the rock he wouldn’t have to move.In our old yard

A broken wheelbarrow, two sore backs and a hand truck later the thinking rock is settled in our new yard.  It’s good to be home.

In our new yard