iPhoneography Monday: 12-30-13

iPhone Monday 12-30-13

The last Monday of 2013 gives us a second chance for challengers choice over at Lens and Pen by Sally’s weekly phoneography challenge.  We have an interesting variety of categories to pick from and today I have a street image to post from our Christmas Eve visit to the Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.  Of course I took a lot of photos and you’ll see many of them in future posts but to start the series I have this Ghost Alley Espresso sign shot in Hipstamatic with my iPhone 5.  If you find yourself looking for coffee at the market and don’t want to stand in line at the original Starbucks follow the yellow arrow down to Lower Post Alley and look for this coffee shop by the infamous gum wall…

Phoneography Monday: 10-28-13

iPhone Monday 10-28-13

The fourth Monday of every month is Challenger’s Choice at Lens and Pen by Sally’s Weekly Phoneography Challenge.  Sally provides us with a variety of subjects to pick from including street, night and architecture photography so today, I paged through my files looking for something that met at least a few of these criteria.  I like this shot of one of the NYC Public Library Lions taken during my trip to New York last December and since the only camera with me was my phone and I took this one on the street at night I thought it would be fun to re-work it and publish the new version today.

I used the native camera in my iPhone 5 and used Snapseed for additional edits.

Phoneography Monday 9-2-13

Phoneography Monday 9-2-13

My last week of summer here in the Pacific Northwest has been filled with long days working on our landscaping project but I did take an afternoon off to visit some favorite locations looking for fall planting inspiration.  This view is from one of the many of flower beds at Marina Park along the Edmonds waterfront.

Taken with my iPhone 5 and Hipstamatic

Posted as part of Lens and Pen By Sally’s Phoneography Monday Challenge:  Nature

Phoneography Monday 7-22-13

Phoneography Monday 7-22-13

A little over two years ago our house was robbed and though the thieves emptied my jewelry boxes they left the glass dish shown above.  I’m sure it looked like nothing to them but it means a lot to me as I brought this piece home from my Grandparents house after their memorial. It sits quietly on the top of my dresser collecting those little things that add up at the end of the day.  Over time I’ve replaced a few of the lost items like the carved wood heart from Ryan in the center of the photograph and continue to add new tiny treasures. My wedding ring and a pair of earrings were the only pieces of jewelry I was wearing that fateful day and I purposefully place them in this dish every night as my reminder that our family’s peace, security and traditions will carry on no matter what comes our way.

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