Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less) Kites

You will find truth more quickly through delight than gravity.  Let out a little more string on your kite.

Alan Cohen

Weight(less) 1

This week Ben asks us to share a photo of something marked by its weight – or it’s weightlessness.  Ryan carried his new kite through a full day of hiking and beach combing on Whidbey Island waiting for the perfect amount of wind and if you look closely at the bluff in the background you can just make out the winding trail that led us to the viewpoint in my last post about an invincible summer.

Weight(less) 2

Posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Weight(less)

Travel Theme: The Four Elements

This week Alisa has asked us for images representing the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. I had fun looking through my files for this one!

Fossilized Mammoth Bones from a dig site in Eastern Washington
Kite Flying in the San Juan Islands
Kite Flying in the San Juan Islands
Sunset on Orcas Island
Sunset on Orcas Island
Beach fire on Decatur Island
Beach fire on Decatur Island

To see more great interpretations of the four elements or to post your own (everybody’s welcome) please visit Alisa at Where’s My Backpack.

Weekly Travel Theme: Dance

Today Alisa asked her readers if we were ready to dust off our dancing shoes and take a twirl around the dance floor for the new travel theme – dance.  I’m glad this doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation because I want to show you some “dancing” images of a few of my favorite things.  Water, Whales, Sunlight, Kites, Flags and Pirate Cannons.

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