My Year In Pictures: October Week 3

I know I felt scattered and pushed for time last week so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that the resulting set of images is a random grab bag of topics but I’m still a little impressed I managed to include dark shadows, Halloween decorations, ugly Christmas sweaters, a Lego Liberty Bell and a grumpy dog all in the same post.  Whew!  It looks like the only unifying thread is the fact that they all happened to me which is in fact the point of this daily photo exercise so I hope you enjoy the gallery.

The week started with a shot in the dark of street light shadows through my front door followed by two Halloween candles we shipped from our Etsy store.  Finn has decided the best way to survive this wet and stormy season is to sleep with one eye open and John continues his quest to take over the house with spooky vignettes.  We still have two holidays to check off before Christmas but the ugly sweaters are ready and waiting on store shelves however if you’re like me and want nothing to do with Christmas shopping let’s both be distracted by this amazing reproduction of the Liberty Bell created entirely from Lego pieces.

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Standing Out in a Crowd

When was the last time you really stood out in a crowd? Are you comfortable in that position, or do you wish you could fade into the woodwork?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us STANDOUT.


Last weekend my family definitely stood out in the crowd.  Every year we come together for one big party to celebrate birthdays, cook a huge dinner and take at least one fun day trip as a group of goofy tourists.  My sister Erica organizes matching t-shirts and party favors around a theme and this year’s choice was Lego.    Now you know where my Wonder Woman mini-figure came from!

Not to be outdone by a group of 11 in the same t-shirts, pointing at a mountain, Ryan had to take it one step further and strike a pose all his own…that’s him fourth from the left on one leg.

Credit for this photo belongs to Erica who blogs at the lovely Growth and Possibility.  She has some beautiful photos and fun stories to share about her life and travels and if you enjoy my blog I know you will have a great time reading hers as well.

Posted as part of the Daily Prompt:  Standout

Phoneography Monday: 8-12-13

Phoneography Monday 8-12-13

The second Monday of every month is Macro over at Lens and Pen by Sally and even though I’ve had plenty of time to prepare I haven’t been happy with any of my Macro photos.  By this afternoon I decided I would just need to wait until next week to re-join the challenge when this little Wonder Woman Lego mini-figure caught my eye.  She was my party favor from a fun family party Saturday night and John set her in my office this morning to watch over my desk for what he knew was going to be a challenging day at work.  Wonder Woman the super hero is a Warrior Princess of the Amazons and her lasso of truth, sword, indestructible bracelets, tiara (for throwing) and ability to fly an invisible airplane are pretty big super powers to fit into such a tiny Lego body. In the end I decided to stretch the definition of Macro a bit and show you Wonder Woman the mini-figure, saving the world and watching my back.