Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

A place reveals itself on its streets, from pedestrians strolling during lunch time, to performers entertaining tourists on sidewalks, to the bustle of local markets, and more. Whether you’re shoveling snow from your own driveway or walking a familiar route to work or getting lost in a foreign city, a snapshot of a street (or road or path) can tell a tale.

Cheri – The Daily Post

Street Life 1

The Edmond’s Farmer’s Market is usually full of happy shoppers visiting with friends and neighbors while filling their bags with locally grown flowers and vegetables.   This foggy September morning was much quieter than normal though and the change in weather and light made it feel like the first weekend of fall instead of the last weekend of summer.  I couldn’t help but notice everyone seemed lost in their own thoughts.

Street Life 2

Including this flower vendor standing alone under his green canopy…

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