Travel Theme: Light

Marina BeachMarina Beach 3Marina Beach 2
An hour before these pictures I had to break the news to my son that his Grandpa Joe was moved into hospice care and would be leaving us soon. While my husband quietly spent the day with his father and sisters I took Ryan to the beach for a walk and a chance to talk about his favorite moments with Grandpa. This beach is our family “go-to” spot for both fun and comfort and when I saw Ryan needed to talk about Grandpa without being overwhelmed by sadness I thought this would be the right place for us. From his time as a Merchant Marine in WWII until his retirement as a Captain of a research ship for the University of Washington Joe’s adult life was spent sailing around the world. Many of my husband’s memories of his father involve fantastic stories from distant journeys and Ryan would sit for hours listening to Grandpa talk about his time on the sea.

I didn’t bring a camera with us but my phone is always in my pocket and even though I didn’t notice the tinted filter until much later I think the rays of sunlight and subdued blue and green ocean shades are fitting considering the day.  We passed the beautiful October afternoon together, sharing memories of Grandpa Joe.

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