My Year In Pictures: March Week 3

Random is the first word that came to mind tonight as I clicked through this set of seven images.  Appropriate really since I feel like we’re just flying through each day trying to be present at every appointment and commitment while making time for a quick breath and moment to appreciate the world we live in.  If all I can squeeze in is a second to stand still and snap a picture of something random but pretty then I’ll do my best to make that image count. 🙂

Our week started with anxious Finn watching the door to keep track of every person and creature walking down our street.  At least he held still long enough for a portrait.  Monday Ryan and I walked past this sign in a shop window and it sparked a long conversation about what it means to have “freedom of speech”.  Tuesday is a shot of some pretty moss that looks like fern fronds and Wednesday I stopped to pick up a postcard about Washington State for a 1st grade project about the United States.  Thursday all I had time for was aiming my phone up toward the ceiling as I rode an escalator but I liked these pretty butterflies floating overhead.  Friday’s discovery was this cheery box of candy and Saturday night ended at the gym so John and Ryan could swim and I could get a good workout in the cardio room.

Coming soon I’ve got a great set of new photos almost ready to share here from our latest March adventures and if you’d like to follow along in real-time don’t forget I post my daily photos on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. If a once-a-week blog read is more your speed my weekly recaps will continue here along with caption notes containing editing information for each photo.

Phoneography Monday: Macro 7-8-13

2 Macro  7-8-13

1 Macro 7-8-13

When looking through my photo files for something to illustrate a post my first impulse usually leads me to an image with bright bold colors.   There is a big world out there though filled with muted, grungy colors and one of the things I love about Lens and Pen by Sally’s Phoneography Challenges is the opportunity to stretch out of my comfort zone and try new things.

This star pattern above is from one of the steps at a local playground and its original color is a bright, sunny yellow.  Many happy feet and countless years of stormy weather have deposited an interesting pattern of dirt, wood chips and pine needles so I thought today’s Macro Challenge would be a fun place to experiment with a few new applications.

I couldn’t leave my bright colors behind completely though and now I can’t choose between the two images.  The first is the closest to the original yellow but with softer edges and the second is definitely darker with more shadows but interesting in its own way.  If you like one more than the or have a suggestion for something completely different please share in the comments below.

A Vibrant Edmonds Sunset

Edmonds Sunset 2

If I wasn’t traveling tonight I would right here be at our favorite beach in Edmonds.  This sunset was part of a beautiful evening last week and is posted as part of Sue’s A Word A Week Challenge: Vibrant.

Phoneography Monday: Macro 6-10

Macro Monday 6-10

 iPhone 5 and edited in Snapseed and PhotoToaster

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iPhoneography Monday: Architecture

Architecture: Orderly arrangement of parts; structure. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

  City of Lynnwood Public Art

iPhone 5 native camera, edited in Snapseed and PhotoToaster.

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iPhoneography Monday: Macro

The second Monday of the month means it is time for Macro images. If I was thinking ahead I would have saved my pattern photo from last week to post today but instead you got to see it Friday afternoon and I spent the weekend thinking about new macro subjects. I am not totally happy with how these turned out but thought I would post them both to see if anyone has a favorite. This is definitely a learning process for me and hopefully my next Macro Monday post will show some improvement!



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iPhoneography Monday: Nature

photo 3_Snapseed

For this week’s iPhoneography Monday theme of Nature I have a picture of freshly cut Rhubarb from our local farmer’s market.   Photo from my iPhone 5 and edited in Snapseed and PhotoToaster.

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