My Year In Pictures: October Week 2

Every year I try to convince myself that there is plenty to love about Fall.  Most people I know (myself included) look forward to cozy sweaters, pretty leaves and warm beverages but these three things aren’t enough to outweigh my dread of shorter days, cold rain and the threat of snow.  Can you tell I’m not a fan of winter?  Last week I tried to showcase some of the prettier aspects of October in the Pacific Northwest but you could see me turn away from the outdoors and toward inside activities so this week is a truer picture of what my typical days look like: chores, a brief encounter with vibrant leaves followed by long mornings in the dark.

Sundays usually mean laundry and as I was out of ideas for a daily photo I thought I’d share a shot of a clean basket waiting to be folded.  Monday’s photo is me acknowledging there is plenty of beauty to enjoy when I’m outside in the daylight and the rest of the week is how I tried to turn a negative into a positive as far as photos go.  My days start early with Finn’s 5:30 am walk followed by another walk with Ryan to the bus stop at 6:30 am.  The rest of the day is filled with driving and work so the next time I’m free to look around outside it’s dark again.  The story of my next few months indeed but for a the rest of the week I tried to look around with a fresh perspective and photograph typical sights from a new point of view lit only by my flashlight.  The results were surprisingly fun and I may revisit the idea again when I’m at a loss for new material.

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A Word A Week: Yellow


Looking through my archives tonight has forced me to accept that yellow isn’t one of my favorite colors.  It’s not something I can wear successfully and it looks like it isn’t a color I photograph often.  Actually I’m kind of surprised I don’t have more photos that feature yellow as I do like the warm  sun and happy flowers but for this challenge I am left with this image of an old school bus that has seen better days.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t carry children anymore but it’s found a new life in retirement transporting vegetables to the Edmonds spring and summer farmer’s markets.

Posted as part of Sue’s A Word A Week:  Yellow.