Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring


I’ve posted a lot of pretty spring flowers lately so for this weeks photo challenge I’m going in a slightly different direction… This is a close up view of a fascinating kinetic sculpture at the Pacific Science Center and I thought the chrome coils looked like heavy, industrial springs.

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I walk past this sculpture twice a week and have tried to photograph it many times but haven’t been able to avoid including the building on one side and the busy road on the other.  Last night I tried a new angle and captured the two dancers framed by the sky.

Posted as part of Sue’s Word a Week Challenge:  Curve 

Travel Theme: Sculpture

Sculpture is the new travel theme over at Where’s My Backpack.  I always like photographing outdoor sculpture and as luck would have it we had a picnic at the fabulous Shidoni Gallery in Tesuque, NM just last week. Ryan, John and I wandered through the grass taking pictures after lunch until the heat got to be too much for our NW Washington temperaments and we escaped to our hotel for some pool time and cold drinks.

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A Word A Week: Metallic

Metallic 1

“Sinusoidal” Ted Jonsson, Sculptor

City of Lynnwood Public Art Collection

When I saw the new word of the week was Metallic I thought it would be fun to return to Lynnwood, WA and photograph more of their unique public art pieces.  This sculpture is located in front of the Library and across the park from the large Stainless Steel piece I featured for last weeks word, Angle.

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