My Year In Pictures: November Week 4

Well November is almost over and the holiday season is in full swing but for me the biggest sign that December is coming are our rapidly shrinking daylight hours.   I try to ignore early Christmas music and decorations but there’s no hiding from the fact that there are only about 8.5 hours between sunrise and sunset today and if there’s cloud cover my outdoor lights might be on all day long… Typically this is when we turn to indoor activities and the first three images are from our latest escape into popular culture.  Sunday afternoon was a great time to see Dr. Strange and if you get to the theater early enough you can sit where ever you like. 🙂  I started Christmas shopping (shhh don’t tell Ryan) and am already trying to prepare myself for the inevitable post-holiday read-aloud as he shares every single piece of Star Wars trivia in this new book.  All 2500 pieces.  We added one final candle to our Etsy shop and I had fun with the new portrait setting on my iPhone capturing summer flowers that haven’t gone to sleep for winter.  Speaking of sleep I’ll close the week with a cozy shot of Ryan and Finn relaxing at Grandma’s house after a great family meal.  This is the only place where Finn is allowed on the bed and he makes the most of it spending as much time as possible curled up at Ryan’s feet.

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My Year In Pictures: June Week 4

Strawberries, flowers, sail boats and lazy days at the lake – this week’s set of photos is all about summer memories new and old.  The week started with this pretty shot from my parent’s garden followed by one of our tiny wild strawberry plants caught in the middle of an evening sunbeam.  Next is a scan from an old film photo of our sweet dog Maxi who was the perfect combination of black lab and border collie meaning she was smart as a whip, devoted to her pack and always ready to play.  This was taken about 15 years ago at a lakefront party when Ryan was baby and Max took a few minutes off from nanny duty to enjoy the sun.

Wednesday I stopped to laugh at this set of fridge magnets, there’s one for every situation, and Thursday night I made a quick trip to the nursery for a few more flowers so we could finish our deck pots.  Friday evening John and I took a walk around the marina instead of working out at the gym and Saturday I couldn’t resist one more shot of this beautiful view.

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