My Year In Photos: June Week 2

I see a lot of blues, grays along with some warm patches of gold in my latest set of photos which is just about right when it comes to June in the Pacific Northwest.  Blue skies and flowers mixed with heavy gray clouds and warmed by the sun during our longest days of the year.  We had a full schedule with all the end of the year school activities, a quick day trip across the water and a busy work week so for the first time you’ll see I posted more than one photo without any editing.  In contrast, other images are more heavily edited than usual but both approaches are a reflection of how I felt in the moment.  I either wanted move on and post quickly or I tried to add a little color and interest to something that was just a small moment in the day.

The week started with this view from the passenger deck on one of our state-run Ferries and Monday afternoon I began writing the Etsy listing for this new blanket.  Tuesday I wanted to experiment with the new pinhole lens available through Hipstamatic and Wednesday was Ryan’s final band concert.  I made him pose for the usual “hurry up mom” snapshots in his Tuxedo but this spontaneous click taken after John told a slightly off-color joke is my favorite of the night.

Thursday is a look through a large pane of shattered glass and Friday shares one of my favorite ways to relax – watching clouds float over the islands.  Saturday I visited our local bookshop for some last-minute Father’s Day gifts and was happy to see they’ve expanded their hours for the summer season.  Now we’re looking forward to long summer nights with plenty of new books to enjoy.

Coming soon I’ve got a great set of new photos almost ready to share here from our latest adventures and if you’d like to follow along in real-time don’t forget I post my daily photos on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. If a once-a-week blog read is more your speed my weekly recaps will continue here along with caption notes containing editing information for each photo.


Phoneography and Digital Photo Challenge: Portraiture (Ryan and Finn)

“Never work with kids or pets” is a show business saying frequently attributed to W.C. Fields and while I’m pretty sure it refers to the fact that audiences ignore adult actors when cute kids and/or animals are around it should also serve as a warning to not attempt taking Christmas card pictures when you’re in a hurry.  Being a typical mom on a mission I ignored these words of wisdom and forced Ryan and Finn into a frustrating hour trying for a photo that included both of their heads and could fit on our Christmas cards.  Since this is the middle of December in the Pacific Northwest it was too dark in the house and too wet outside for my iPhone so finding a suitable location was tough. Finn couldn’t sit still (typical dog) and Ryan didn’t want to be told what to do (typical teenager) but I just kept clicking and this image next to our front door and out of the rain was the best of the bunch.

iPhone Monday 12-22-14

To all of my WordPress friends and family I wish you Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a peaceful and prosperous New Year!  I’ll be away from my computer and regular posts until the end of the month but look forward to catching up with all of your blogs and activities in January.  🙂

*iPhone 6 photo edited with TinType and Snapseed and posted as part of Lens and Pen by Sally’s Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge:  Portraiture.

Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Portraiture (Ryan in the Hoh Rainforest)

iPhone Monday 11-24-14

While this isn’t a traditional forward-facing portrait I think it captures Ryan’s sense of adventure and his belief that nature is full of magic.  If he has his hat, camera and a stick he’s prepared for anything and from my second-in-line trail place I’m ready to document our travels.

This moment is from our August day in the Hoh Rainforest and the processing is the result of my first day experimenting with Hipstamatic’s Tintype app.  Posted as part of Lens and Pen by Sally’s Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge:  Portraiture.