Our first high school voter registration drive of 2018!

Awakening New Voters: Your Vote Your Voice

The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.
Anatole France

Our first high school voter registration drive of 2018!

Ryan came home from his week as a Page in our State Senate with a newfound respect for what concerned citizens can accomplish when they focus on advocating for their causes and a personal drive to encourage more young people to participate in government.  It was an eye-opening experience that left his brain spinning with new questions about how it all works and new ideas about how to get more students involved.

While young voters have traditionally been the least likely to turnout in elections they now make up the largest voting block and when these new voters become aware of election issues that touch them personally they can quickly turn from an unlikely voter into a passionate believer in the power of democracy.

Our first high school voter registration drive of 2018!

With this in mind Ryan, his friend Naiah and I have organized a series of voter registration events at their high school.  Their efforts caught the attention of our local chapter of the League of Women Voters who are assisting students at three more area high schools organize drives of their own and together we have created a network of engaged and empowered students reaching out to their peers and registering them to vote in the upcoming elections.

Our first high school voter registration drive of 2018!

These kids have passion and energy and the belief that every vote matters.  With a little encouragement from parents and role models combined with some basic how-to planning sessions about organizing and publicizing events their natural curiosity is well and truly awakened.  They’re ready to lead by example.

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My Year In Pictures: October Week 4

Sometimes these weekly recaps have a theme and sometimes they are really just random snapshots of what it’s like to run through our week.  There are times when I like to tell a longer story and have plenty of photos to stretch the event over a few days and then we run into a week like this one where there aren’t many elements tying each day together but they all represent where we were at the time.  Today I’ll just jump right in and share the moment behind each shot you see.

Sunday afternoon Finn was sporting Ryan’s old Seahawk t-shirt and his fierce game face told me he was ready for some football.  Monday I shipped this cozy blanket to a lovely customer shopping in our Etsy store and Tuesday morning I took another “shot in the dark” photo of these golden leaves under a street light.  Wednesday you get a preview of our Halloween then Thursday and Friday illustrate what has occupied most of my free time.  It’s election season and I hope everyone here in the US votes!  Saturdays shot is of me having a little fun with Siri.

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