Tour Guide – Olympia, WA in Black and White

Labeling this post a “tour guide” might bit of a stretch as I’ve left out all the touristy bits about landmarks, photo-ops and directions but it fits the theme of the weekly photo challenge and it’s been years since I spent time in our State’s Capital so when we took Ryan to Olympia to begin his week as a Senate Page I made sure to arrive early enough to wander around and take a few pictures.

The capital complex is a beautiful place, full of interesting history and architecture and one day I might write a more traditional post walking us through those points but today I’ll share some small snapshots of little vignettes that spoke to me.

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My Year In Pictures August Week 5

Keeping with the style from my last post this final August catch-up will also be a simple combination of location notes and lots of pretty pictures.  If anyone wonders why we love living in the Pacific Northwest this series of Olympic National Park photos really illustrates the best of what we enjoy on a daily basis.  It’s not all rain and fog around here. 🙂  In a typical year this part of the state is a little cooler and wetter than where we live along Puget Sound but this year has been anything but typical and we managed to visit during some of the hottest days ever recorded in the park.  These seven photos cover one full Saturday beginning on Ruby Beach followed by a steamy hike through the Hoh Rainforest and a visit to the Hoh River for some cool mountain water.  We had dinner in La Push before starting our final hike out to Second Beach hoping to catch the sunset.  More from the beach next week…

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Travel (Chetzemoka)

Cheech-Ma-Ham (Chetzemoka)

Cheech-Ma-Ham was 40 years old and chief of the S’Klallam tribe when the first white settlers arrived in Port Townsend, WA.  These settlers decided his name was too difficult to pronounce so in 1848 they changed it to Chetzemoka and gave him the royal nick name Duke of York.  Continuing the trend his son was called Prince of Wales, his two wives became Queen Victoria and Jenny Lind and eventually these nick names led to the present-day Prince family name.

In 1855 Chief Chetzemoka signed a treaty giving up all S’Klallam land in exchange for the rights to fish, hunt and gather in their traditional areas but treaties like this one were largely misunderstood by the Indians and eventually led to the Indian Wars of 1855-1856. During this time Chetzemoka presided over a secret meeting to decide whether or not the tribe would kill all white settlers in the area.   Nine nights in a row the chief sent a “danger” message to white leaders from Signal Rock until the tenth day when the tribe agreed to spare the settlement. Chief Chetzemoka was celebrated as a hero by the white community and when he died in 1888 he was buried in the white cemetery in Port Townsend, WA.  Today both a city park at Signal Rock and a Washington State Ferry are named after Chief Chetzemoka.


This small Chetzemoka was resting on the beach during our visit to Fort Warden and Port Townsend, WA in August 2015 and my image is posted as part of Sally’s Mobile Photography Challenge:  Travel.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Converge:  to come together and have one interest, purpose, or goal.


Thanksgiving in my family is a logistical puzzle but any of us who can be in the same place come together for a meal and between our various groups we share phone calls and goofy texted photos of turkey dinners and happy tables. This year John, Ryan and I joined my parents at their house while my youngest brother hosted his in-laws and sent us pictures of their perfect turkey wrapped in bacon.  Ours was still in the bag…  My sister filled her home with friends, cookies and plenty of food, my oldest brother spent the day with new friends and a house full of dogs while we took it easy with a traditional meal and enjoyed dessert with a side of Seahawk football.

Last year I took a favorite black and white photo of my Dad and Ryan walking on Thanksgiving afternoon and as luck would have it I have a new image of them together before dinner this year.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist


A few days ago I visited Lynnwood’s Heritage Park hoping to tour a vintage trolley car from the Seattle – Everett Interurban Railway and learn a little about the town’s pre-Depression era poultry boom as the second largest egg producing area in the country.  This three acre city park is actually the final resting place for a number of historic buildings that were moved to make way for freeway expansion projects but a post about the collection will have to wait for another day.  The restored trolley car was behind a  locked gate and the buildings were closed for the season so I wandered through the wet grass taking pictures some pretty fall mushrooms.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Relic 1

This International Boundary Monument sits on top of Iceberg Point on Lopez Island, WA and marks the 7th turning point of the US – Canada border along the 49th parallel.  As part of my plan to see as much of this beautiful island as possible in  a four-day vacation we spent a wonderful afternoon hiking through forest, salmon berry tunnels and shoulder-high grasslands before finally reaching these cliffs at the southernmost tip of Lopez.  This 6 foot tall concrete monument has been in place since the 1908 treaty between US and Canada and the bronze plaque below was added in 1927.

Relic 2

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A Perfect Day for Paddle Boarding

Last Sunday we filled our backpacks with swim suits, towels and sunscreen and walked down the hill to the Edmonds – Kingston Ferry for a day of fun on the water.  I tried and failed many times to photograph a pod of Orca whales so you will just have to take my word for it that we saw them on our ride to Kingston.  It was such a treat to see the whales jumping through the water with Mt. Baker in the background.

Kingston is a cute little town built around the harbor and is full of restaurants and ice cream/coffee shops catering to the ferry travelers.  We had a great lunch at the Kingston Ale House before paddling and then cooled down with ice cream on the way back to the Ferry.

If anyone in the Puget Sound area is looking for a great way to spend the afternoon I encourage you to check out Kingston Adventures. They rent Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’S) by the hour as well as Kayak and Mountain Bikes plus they have awesome kids camps and guided trail adventures.  I have to plan my next trip around one of their sunset paddles!

Our return trip to Edmonds shared the water with two huge cruise ships on their way north to Alaska.  Another trip on my “some day” list…  All in all a perfect day in the Pacific Northwest.

*This post is my 100th here at Northwest Frame of Mind and I want to share a heartfelt thank you with all of my readers.  I continue to be surprised by how many of you around the world are interested in this corner of my life  and am so happy you are sharing a few minutes of your day with me.   My first seven months as a new blogger have been a blast and I am looking forward to my next 100 posts!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Nostalgic. Sometimes, we long for the past: for moments we want to remember or recapture. The good times. The golden years. Or perhaps we’re homesick, or longing for something — or someone — that might have been.  Cheri Lucas Rowlands The Daily Post

The Olga Store 1989
The Olga Store 1989
The Olga Store 2002
The Olga Store 2002
Nostalgic 3
The Olga Store 2008


My son and his cousin having ice cream at the same counter we loved as kids.
My son and his cousin having ice cream at the same counter we loved as kids.


The Olga Post Office 1989
The Olga Post Office 1989
The Olga Post Office 2002
The Olga Post Office 2002

I have been in a nostalgic frame of mind this summer, paging through old photo albums and revisiting favorite family vacation spots during my days off.  Watching my son spend his first summer without a structured schedule of camp and daycare is bringing back fond memories of wide open summer days with nothing to do but read a book and play outside.

When we were kids my parents rented an old beach cabin on Orcas Island for our summer vacation get-away.  The six of us spent happy weeks in this little place and then the larger farmhouse up the hill for the next 20 years and I still return to the island as often as I can.

It was such a treat to climb in the back of our VW Bus and travel down the twisty road to the little town of Olga. We always brought our allowance to the General Store for souvenirs and ice cream then walked over to the post office to mail postcards sharing our beach combing adventures with friends and family back home.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Today the Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to select an image that represents change.  Looking through my pictures this morning I realized that while my life has been filled with twists, turns, evolutions and surprises I have very few photos capturing these occasions.  I thought about the big family moments of birthdays, graduations, weddings and funerals but decided while they were important milestones for me they didn’t make a very interesting post.  Next I found a fun but embarrassing snapshot from the first party I attended with my husband 20 years ago.  It was Halloween and I was in costume as a character from the original Star Trek series while John was dressed as a priest.  I might get over the miniskirt and post it later… stay tuned.

Finally I settled on these two photos taken on a picture perfect August morning in Bellingham, Washington.  2005 was a year full of changes for us as my husband moved through several jobs and by this point in the summer he was unemployed.  We were stressed and broke but still wanted to find a way to celebrate our anniversary.  My parents graciously invited us to spend the night on their boat while they watched our son and this was the view we enjoyed with our morning coffee.

Bellingham Marina

Bellingham Marina 2

After two beautiful days away from our troubles we returned home to a message waiting for John with a full-time job offer.  He accepted Monday morning and has been employed with the same company since that day so these quiet, still images actually represent a huge moment of change for our family.

For more great stories and pictures of change please see The Weekly Photo Challenge: Change.

Phoneography Challenge: Neighborhood

Today the Weekly Photo Challenge is all about capturing your neighborhood through phone pictures. We love our small town and I’m always taking pictures on my iPhone so after school my son and I had a little fun on Main Street. All pictures were taken with my iPhone 5 and edited with Snapseed.