A Winter Beach Day in Edmonds, WA

Wordless Wednesday 3-7: A chill in the air…


Travel Theme: Winter


When I read Alisa’s latest post announcing “Winter” as her weekly travel theme I knew I wanted to wait until December 21st and take a photo of the first day of winter.   December 20th brought our first snowfall of the year but we were still officially in Fall so I waited… Of course today has been a very stereotypical winter day here in the Pacific Northwest with thick cloud cover, light rain and very little daylight.  The snow is gone and I was left without a clear winter-like image for this post.

Finally I decided look for one of our winter blooming Sarcococca hoping to find some early flowers.  If you look closely at the center of this photo you might be able to see the tiny white buds beginning to form surrounded by the larger berries.  In a few weeks this shrub will produce a beautiful scent and if the weather permits we will be outside to enjoy it.

Posted as part of Alisa’s Weekly Travel Theme:  Winter