Travel theme: Roads

I have a lot of fun following Alisa’s travels around the world through her blog Where’s my backpack. This weeks theme is Roads and I want to share a few of my pictures from a beautiful day on San Juan Island in Washington State.

American Camp San Juan Island

San Juan Island 2

The original road is almost overgrown now but this is from the site of the American Camp on San Juan Island.  In 1859 Great Britain and The United States agreed to jointly occupy this island until the water boundaries between the US and Canada could be officially established and this hill is where Lt. Col. Silas Casey and 2nd Lt.Henry Martyn Robert  chose to site the American fortifications.  You can read more about this camp and part of American History here.   Later, Roberts went on to achieve fame through his Rules of Order.

This is a view of the new road leading to camp on the East side of the hill with Mt. Baker in the background.

American Camp East

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