Travel Theme: Green

To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and the arrival of spring Alisa’s weekly Travel Theme is all about the color green.  I love green and living in the Pacific Northwest gives me plenty of opportunities to photograph this beautiful color.  Today I chose three pictures that I think highlight the themes I like to talk about here on Northwest Frame of Mind; travel, life and gardening in my corner of the world.

This picture is from a fun day at The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.  The Butterfly House is beautiful and I love the patterns of the green leaves.

Woodland Park Zoo

This next picture captures our first crab of the 2012 season caught from the fishing pier close to our house.

1st crab of the season

My last picture shows you one of the Hydrangeas in our backyard.  It was just a practice shot with my phone but I think the green leaves are pretty and they remind me of happy summer afternoons.


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20 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Green

  1. Thanks for taking a look at (and liking!) my blog post. Your photos are AMAZING and I am following your blog now. I am intrigued by life outside of the suburbs and yours looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see more! 🙂


    1. Thanks for looking at my page today and for following! I have fun with casual pictures and feel fortunate that my surroundings are so pretty they make even a bad picture look good. 🙂


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