Travel Theme: Costume

Halloween is a huge holiday in our family. It’s my husbands favorite time of year and he really enjoys planning new, spooky decorations for the house and costumes for Ryan. I don’t usually take photos of people in costume but looking through my photos reminded me we have plenty of them recording Ryan’s Halloween outfits. As you can see above he started as a cute little pumpkin, spent several years in warm, plush animal costumes, had fun twice as a space invader robot, found his adventuresome spirit as Indiana Jones, tried walking on the spooky side as a grave jumper/ghost and finally morphed into a steam punk cyborg. I know something creative is coming for this year but the boys haven’t let me in on their secret plans yet…

To see more fun photos of creative costumes please visit Alisa at Where’s My Backpack: Travel Theme Costume.

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