Travel Theme: Peaceful


A quiet moment at Lake Wilderness on the 4th of July.  We enjoyed a few peaceful hours swimming and kayaking before the fantastic, celebratory firework show started at dusk.

For more images of Peace please visit Alisa at Where’s My Backpack and the new Travel Theme: Peaceful

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22 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Peaceful

  1. Is that a black labrador I see on the deck? Lovely shot. And lovely lab. Used to have lots of them in my dog-owning days. Nothing like a labrador. As someone once said, they’re good people.


      1. Well, thank you! I think at least one of them will be water because it’s definitely a peaceful sight (and sound). I hope to get to it this afternoon.


    1. Resting by the water is my favorite way to relax too. Heidi had a great swim, knew where all of her people were and decided to stretch out and enjoy the moment. We should all follow her example. 🙂


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