Wordless Wednesday: 7-3-13 Santa Fe

Rainbow Man

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17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 7-3-13 Santa Fe

  1. Such a great photo. The building is so monotone, but everything else is so colorful. You have such a great eye. I love your perspective and composition. The beams and the sky really emphasize it.


    1. They are in the middle of several years of drought so bright sun has definitely been the most common kind of day along with a lot of heat in spring and summer but they can have snow in the winter.


  2. Santa Fe! My son did a semester out there as part of his urban planning/civil engineering education and LOVED it! The house he rented had that same adobe and beam front and the colorful cacti flowers in spring REALLY made the place “pop” in much the same way you’ve shown us in the photo.
    I’m glad I stumbled across your blog!


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