Black and White Weekly Challenge: Family

B&W Family

Last summer we decided to stay close to home and try a touristy “staycation” in the Seattle area instead of leaving town during the best part of the year.  We filled our house with family and spent a great weekend exploring Seattle, The Pike Place Market, taking a Ride the Ducks Tour and having water balloon fights in the backyard.

My sister always has fun party ideas and last year she designed and printed matching t-shirts for the group.  After breakfast the dads and cousins headed outside to practice their synchronized tourist point…

Posted as part of the lovely Sonel’s Black and White Weekly Challenge:  Family

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21 thoughts on “Black and White Weekly Challenge: Family

  1. hehehe, so cute! Love the practicing part and the T-shirts! A beautiful family photo Lisa and great entry for the challenge! Loved it! Thanks for taking part hon. Much appreciated. 😀 *big hugs*


  2. love the customised t-shirts!

    We tried staying at home last summer so we could visit all the lovely gardens and castles etc. around us on ‘day trips’ saving on the cost of accommodation, only to have one of the wettest summers on record! We managed to visit ONE place!


  3. What a great contribution to the challenge! And of course I love the photo …and just wait till you see the t-shirts for this year’s cousins’ un-birthday party! 🙂


      1. Yes, and yes! Everyone gets their own mini-fig and accompanying tee-shirts…but that’s all you get to know for now 😉


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