Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Fresh. The definition for fresh has a bit of a fork in it – it’s a state (new, recent, previously unknown)…
 – Sara Rosso

This morning, home after a busy week in Texas, I couldn’t wait to sit down and catch up with the latest posts in my reader.  As I expected it is filled with beautiful images of fresh fruits, lovely flowers and tasty, refreshing drinks as fellow bloggers around the world highlight what the word fresh means to them.  Feeling inspired and ready to join in the fun I picked up my camera and stepped outside to capture some fresh images of summer in the garden…


I hope our resident moles are enjoying their newly ventilated homes filled with fresh air from my clover and grass.

It’s a good thing I know a few WordPress members located here in the Pacific Northwest who have posted some beautiful fresh images perfectly in line with what I wanted to showcase if I hadn’t stepped barefoot into the mole holes on my way to the flowers.  I will re-blog them later this afternoon and hope you enjoy their scenes from the side of the PNW that I love!

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38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

  1. Oh, shoot. Your picture gave me a giggle. If it’s one thing we know here in the Pacific Northwest, besides blackberries everywhere, is mole mounds. We can’t get to our garden such as it is without twisting an ankle on these lovely, fresh, dirt mounds. I thoroughly enjoyed this photograph and look forward to more.


  2. I get rabbits and snails eating in my garden but so far no moles. Although the cat brings one home for me now and then. Would you like to borrow her? she will have fun catchig them for you.


  3. What a beautiful photo. Makes me wish I had moles in my garden. 😀
    Great entry for the challenge hon. 😀 *hugs*


      1. Oh, I had a problem with termites and black crickets at one stage Lisa but because I don’t believe in using pesticides I decided that I will nature to do her thing and the next day the Hadeda birds started coming in and cleaned them all out for me. Even the monkeys had some fun. I can only imagine what they would do with the moles..hehehehe


  4. But it’s perfect – fresh soil – where would we be without it? Also I love the freshness of the clover surrounding it. In Australia this would be little mounds left by ants or bandicoots, depending where you live.


  5. We get fresh chipmunk holes, which I could do without. Chipmunks are cute when they’re not in your yard, digging holes and at the roots of things and eating flowers and veggies. 😦



  6. I am finally sitting down to read posts and reply. I love your post for fresh! I haven’t taken one yet, because I wanted something original. This is a great original idea!


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