Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

After catching four-year-old Ryan with his third stolen cookie of the afternoon I really needed to take a quiet walk away from our family picnic on the beach…

Foreshadow 2

He was ready for me to leave too and I can still hear him say “I’ve got this beach figured out mom, take a hike.”

Foreshadow 1

Grandpa went out to the boat with his book.

Foreshadow 4

While John and I went around to the opposite side of the island leaving Ryan skipping rocks with my brother.

Foreshadow 3

I should have known better.  Walking back to our picnic site I heard a slightly worried voice saying “don’t tell your mom, ok?”

Foreshadow 5

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

  1. You must live in one of the most beautiful parts of our country! Beautiful photos.

    Uncles, grandparents and the like get to spoil the children – and let them do things Mom and Dad would never do. It makes them fun and beloved, and it is only once in a while. My daughter always leaves me a list, which she expects me to follow; but, I am not Mom. My grandparents always let me have extra cookies, ice cream, candy – it endeared them to me when I was a child 🙂


    1. I think we live in a pretty special place and am happy to hear you like my photos. 🙂 I started this blog so I could share my view of the area with people who may not get a chance to visit and see for themselves. Yes, grandparents definitely get a pass when it comes to spoiling with treats, and in our family Uncles spoil with adventures!


  2. Uncles are always the most fun. I have fond memories of two of my uncles. Uncle Charlie took me fishing and my Uncle Al who loved to tinker. A couple of weeks ago I took my college aged nephew for a ride in my PT Cruiser GT and scared him pretty good…both hands gripping the hand hold.


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