Black & White Tuesday

B&W Doors and Windows 1

B&W Doors and Windows 2

The theme for Sonel’s final black and white challenge was windows and doors.  I have really enjoyed taking time to look at my photos in a new way every week and even though Sonel will no longer be accepting submissions to her weekly group I want to continue posting a few of my own black and white images every Tuesday.

These two photos are of the  Glacier Public Service Center and Ranger Station in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.  We stopped here on our way to visit Mt. Baker and Artist’s Point last weekend to purchase a car pass and pick up some field guides before driving up to the highest point of public access on the mountain.   I couldn’t resist walking around the stone building looking for old doors and interesting angles while everyone else was inside listening to the Park Rangers…

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10 thoughts on “Black & White Tuesday

  1. Great pics, and good idea to keep on doing the photos, I was thinking along the same lines. Only thing is, I quite like having a theme. It leads me in directions I probably wouldn’t have thought of and stretches my imagination a bit. x


    1. I agree Amanda, the themes definitely pushed me to be more creative and look for things that might not have caught my eye before. I hope you continue to post some black and white photos too. 🙂


  2. What a great old building with the mortar lines showing that all the stones are different. I think for this Ranger Station the black and white photo is a perfect choice.


  3. Great shots Lisa and I love the first shot. It looks like there is something to find. 😀
    Thanks for sharing and I am very glad to hear you will continue sharing your beautiful B&W photo’s. 😀 *hugs*


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