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This simple slingshot has been our “go to” toy of the summer.  It travels everywhere with Ryan, tucked into his back pocket, along with a few small pebbles ready to fire whenever we are in a location that is wide open and away from windows.  I love that his first choice for play is an old-fashioned, outdoors kind of toy instead of spending his summer inside with video games and hope as the teen years approach he continues to find happiness outside exploring, hiking and playing with rocks at the beach.

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22 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Play

  1. It’s nice that he enjoys the slingshot. I used to love using one when I was little (guess that means I was a tomboy), so when my boys were younger, I got them each one. The gifts never got touched. I’d bring them out at regular intervals to tempt them, but they just never got into them. I suppose the good thing is, that meant I wouldn’t be their target… 😉


    1. Oh, I’m sorry they didn’t like them but happy that you weren’t a target. :). We had a blast playing with “tomboy” toys as kids and I have had a lot of fun sharing stories with Ryan about “the good old days”. 🙂


  2. Ditch the video game counsel so he continues to enjoy the outdoors. When my kids were growing up I took a firm stand and did not allow video games in our home. Sounds Draconian but I now have two young adults who spend their time on other interests.


    1. I think that is a great plan. We have a Wii console but Ryan hasn’t turned it on once this entire summer… kids definitely need a chance to find out other activities are even more fun and interesting than the latest video game.


  3. LOL! That was my first form of entertainment back in the old times, I made my first slingshot when I was 13 back in 1978..thanks for the memory..:-))


  4. So fun! We visited The Four Corners (CO/AZ/NM/UT) a couple of years ago and our my son wanted a hand carved slingshot that the local Native Americans were selling. He played with it non-stop while we were vacationing in CO, then the rubber part broke. 😦
    I liked that it was a toy that a “real” boy would enjoy in this age of techno-entertainment.
    Lovely post 🙂


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