Black and White Tuesday 9-3-13

B&W Tuesday 1 9-3-13

B&W Tuesday 2 9-3-13

For today’s Black and White Tuesday post I thought it would be fun to experiment with the Hueless app on my iPhone.  These piles of curvy driftwood caught my attention as Ryan led me down the beach with the rule that we could only walk on logs…no sand or rock steps allowed.

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14 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday 9-3-13

  1. Sounds like a fun walk! I must ask if you each kept score of how many times you fell off a log and if you did who won? I really like the second picture. A lot of details and twists to view.


  2. I’m quite amazed by the curve of the driftwood and wonder what causes it. Love the first photo and the depth in the distance. The context makes it fun too, despite the black and white (which generally makes a scene feel more serious for me :P)


    1. I love the curves too! Trees that grow along the coast frequently bend due to wind and I think the curve pulls tighter when they go through the wet/dry cycle of drift wood. I thought a little context would help the first picture – I’m glad you could see the fun in our day. 🙂


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