Travel Theme: Height


It’s not quite as dramatic as Devils Tower in Wyoming but looking up at Table Mountain in the Mount Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest always reminds me of the great 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind…

If you find yourself in the NW corner of Washington State searching for fantastic views and a great hike I encourage you to take a look at the Washington Trails Association page for directions and more information.

Posted as part of Alisa’s weekly travel theme at Where’s My Back Pack:  Height.

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25 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Height

    1. And this was taken in August! This end of the Highway is usually only open for 2-3 months per year because the road is covered in too much snow to clear. Some years it can’t be cleared enough and stays closed.


    1. Thanks for your nice comment Isadora! I love looking at snow but don’t like the cold and really don’t like driving in it so a summer day like this one with pretty snow for a background was perfect!


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