Travel Theme: Deep

Seven year old boys are so much fun, everything is an adventure and anything goes when it comes to work, play and clothing choices.

Deep 1

Raking leaves at our old house was a huge job but Ryan was always ready to step up and help.  This cold afternoon he dressed himself in his favorite yard-work gear including rubber boots, sweat pants, a rain coat and baseball hat. For eye protection what could be better than 3D glasses?

Deep 3

When we needed help smashing leaves so more would fit in the yard waste bin Ryan was the first to say “ok Mom, if you need me I’ll go in deep”.

Deep 2

All the way to the bottom.

Posted as part of Alisa’s Weekly Travel Theme:  Deep

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31 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Deep

  1. Great pictures and memories. Reminds me when I use to run around the yard with my two in the wheelbarrow…my daughter graduates from SJSU in December and my son graduates from CSU in June. Just don’t blink!!!


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