The 2013 Summer Photo Finalists Are HERE – Vote for Your Favorite!

Field Notes From Fatherhood is hosting a fun 2013 Summer Photo Contest and one of my Edmonds Marina pictures has made the cut! I hope you all take a moment to travel the world through these beautiful photos and vote for your favorite by November 1st.

Field Notes From Fatherhood

Well, folks, after a slow start (and a deferred deadline), we’ve had a fantastic response to our latest photo competition. Thanks so much to all of the entrants.

It was really, really difficult to cull this lot down to a manageable size, and even if your photos didn’t make the final cut, don’t think that we didn’t enjoy seeing them and don’t appreciate the time and effort spent submitting them.

So without further ado, here are the finalists. At the end you’ll find a poll for voting. The voting period will begin today and go until Friday, November 1st, so be sure to cast your vote, and if you’re one of the finalists, beg and bribe friends, family, and followers to get behind your image.

In the past I’ve commented on the finalists’ photos, but I’ve come to think that might be prejudicial, so all I’ve provided here is a…

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