Travel Theme: Delicate


This is the first, and hopefully only, time I post a photo of a slug but this little guy just insisted on being the center of attention today.  Yesterday brought a huge windstorm to the Seattle area and today John, Ryan and I ventured out hoping to visit a “new to us” beach.  The first park we tried was closed due to storm damage and the second was closed to us by a combination of private roads and electronic gates but we persevered, parked our car, and made our own fun taking pictures of what we could see along the road and trails.

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29 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Delicate

  1. Lovely colors you have there.
    Every August, we spend a week or so in Bandon, Oregon. Our girls (9/11) are fascinated by the slugs they find there. And really, can they be that bad? The name of the atheletics progam at UC Santa Cruz is, Banana Slugs.
    Google it; I’ll wait…………….



    1. David, thanks for the laugh! I didn’t know about the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs before today. 🙂 I’m happy to hear you like the colors in this photo and no, slugs aren’t that terrible…they only make it on my bad list when they eat my flowers or get squished by bare feet…


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