A Word A Week: Pose


This young man was one of the many fantastic Teatro Zinzanni circus performers we saw while attending my husband’s employer’s “Under The Big Topper” themed 100th Birthday celebration in September.

We had a wonderful time at the party and this photo is my choice for Sue’s A Word A Week Challenge:Β  Pose.

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29 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Pose

  1. I could do that! But, that would just be showing off…. πŸ˜‰ ( I may have made up that part)
    Beautifully presented, Lisa!
    BTW, Alaskan Copper has an office very near me.


      1. Yes….maybe 12-15 minutes away. I have been meaning to ask, since you live in the same general area; have you met Stasha Becker (#northwestmommy) in your adventures? I see that they have Instameets quite often up there…


  2. Under most circumstance I would be impressed by such a feat but after seeing this Volvo Truck commercial this morning I have to say…you need to see it to understand:


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