Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


In 1916 Washington State outlawed the sale of alcohol and four years later the nation wide prohibition on the sale, production, importation and transportation of alcoholic beverages in the United States became law.  This ban remained in place until 1933 but as you can see from the 1932 photo above alcohol was available if you knew where to look and who to ask.  This group of successful Edmonds business men, known as the Edmonds Uplift Society, happily smiled for the camera after a few Rainier Beers in the basement of The Beeson Building on Main Street.

Today a copy of this photo hangs on the wall of our favorite Main Street wine bar, Daphne’s and in 2008 the Edmonds Uplift Society  joined the 21st Century.  Every New Year’s Day the Uplift Society gathers at Daphne’s wearing cozy terry cloth robes to raise a can (or two) of Rainier.  Once fortified the group marches down Main Street to the waterfront and Brackett’s Landing Park.   A large crowd huddles together waiting for the Society Beachmaster to give the “drop robe” order and when her whistle blows everyone jumps in the freezing water as part of the annual Polar Bear Plunge.  Donations are collected to support the Edmonds Historical Museum and last year they raised just over $500.00 from Society members and their warmly dressed fans on the beach.

Last year I bought a copy of this photo from the Edmonds Museum as part of my husband’s Christmas present and I thought the story would be a fun one to share as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Community.

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37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

  1. There’s a brand that brings back a few memories. I’ve never been a drinker but I do remember the Reineer Beer TV ads from when I was growing up in BC in the 80’s.


    1. I’m glad you like this one Janet! The photo has been a favorite for years and I was really happy to find I could order a copy . Of course looking at it makes me want to be at Daphne’s with a glass of wine but that isn’t a bad thing. 🙂


  2. What a great piece of history. Considering photography back in the day, it seems that the Edmonds Uplift Society was taking quite a risk posing for the picture. As I read your post, I wondered why they now show up in terry robes, since the photo doesn’t show anyone in robes. A Polar Bear Plunge! What a freezing way to raise money. After that, a nice brandy or a little whiskey sounds in order.


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