Black and White Tuesday: 12-17-13

B&W Tuesday 12-17-13

We spent a fun few hours in Seattle Sunday afternoon watching A Christmas Carol at the ACT Theater and walking through the city looking at the holiday lights and decorations.

I enjoyed our time together away from the usual weekend routines and I think Ryan’s favorite moments were “high-fiving” Scrooge at the end of the show and sharing a bag of fresh, hot donuts with Dad while walking down the street.

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18 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday: 12-17-13

  1. This looks like a post card! Love the Nordstrom in the background although I cannot afford to shop there : ) I bet they have great window displays?


      1. THATS why I don’t go in because that rule never works for me. What’s not to like in Nordstoms. We have a “Nordstroms off the Rack” here but it’s a challenge! One shoe here….one shoe missing…


      2. Yes, shopping at The Rack is a whole different kind of challenge. 🙂 The flagship Rack is right across the street from this Nordstrom store and it is full of ultra high end designer labels… Another test of my willpower!


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