The Little Things

Ryan is an enthusiastic collector of little, quirky things and his hands are never far from tiny objects ready for a quick touch during the day. This habit and the inevitable pile of stuff on every flat surface in his room causes more than a few arguments when it comes time to clean but our compromise of a series of boxes and baskets usually gets us through at least a monthly dusting.

Ryan asks for a Christmas tree in his room every year and my typical reply is that we could get a small one but what would he put on it for decorations? This is usually the end of the conversation but last weekend John and Ryan walked in the door with a big box and huge grins on their faces. Together they bought a 4 foot tall, pre-lit aluminum tree and proceeded to decorate it with all the bits and pieces stashed in his drawers, boxes and baskets.

I have to agree it’s a fun way to show off some of his treasures and where else will you find a silver tree decorated with an assortment of zombies, monsters, aliens, dinosaurs, key chains, wind-up hopping lederhosen, plastic snakes and Speed Racer’s Mach 6. Does anyone else remember this show? We have the old TV series, the new movie and of course the hot wheels cars…

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27 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. You have inspired me to take a photo of the only ornament my family lets me put on our tree. This is okay. Our tradition is that Jess and Ben, the grown-up “kids,” do most of the tree ornaments while Laura keeps things organized. I sit in my chair and watch while being vastly amused at the repartee going on between brother and sister. But when it’s time for that one special ornament, it is handed to me and I find the proper place for it. What is it? It’s a lovely lacquered and beaded moose turd, given to me by Jessica from one of her many trips to Alaska (“Dad, it’s so YOU!”). That’s my contribution to the family Christmas tree. I’ll take a picture and post it tonight.


  2. That looks great – tell Ryan he is a man of taste! It reminds me of our nativity scene, which was annexed by my (grown up) kids and taken over by sundry plastic animals and monsters…thankfully, my mother didn’t see it. She would not have been amused!


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