A Word A Week: Reflect


Sue’s final word of the week for 2013 is “reflect“.  I thought this might be a good chance for a reflective post looking back through my blogging year but as the weekend is almost over and I like this little photo of multiple reflections here we are.  This is from a morning walk on December 26th at Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham, Washington and what caught my eye is how many layers of nature are reflected in this shallow side of the waterfront.  Tall evergreen trees across the pond are at the top of the frame followed by blue sky and bare branches from the deciduous trees behind me.  Fluffy white clouds float across the bottom and everything is layered over decaying leaves from several fall seasons.

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24 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Reflect

  1. When one considers that the human body is about 80% water, the reflection of life on the surface of the water and the view of decaying leaves below, it is in many ways a reflection of how short life is in the grand scheme. The oldest trees on Earth started growing about the same time as the first Christmas. That is a mind bender…


      1. One year of life equals one trip around the sun…I’ve been around the sun a little over 52 times. That does not sound like much. But each year equals about 585 million miles traveled. I have traveled a long ways to get where I am today.


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