Weekly Travel Theme: Possibility


Seattle’s Pike Place Market is a fantastic place to shop for top quality produce, seafood and flowers and every film crew that’s ever visited town has shown the fish sellers tossing their latest catch under the main entrance.   Each year millions of people walk through the upper level of this Seattle landmark each but not everyone realizes some of the really fun stuff is waiting in one of the three levels of shops below the market.

Last week I posted a few of my below-the-market photos and today I have a huge poster on the wall outside of Market Magic, the longest running magic shop in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s a must-see store for us every time we are in the area and I really want to know what Carter The Great did with the Vanishing Sacred Elephant.  The possibilities are endless…

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: Possibility

  1. I love Pike Place Market – but also the bookstore just up the street from the Market. I forgot the name of it, but filled with lots of interesting and progressive books. Every time we come to Seattle we visit the market and that book store. Love it.


  2. Not quite as good as actually being there but your poster allows me to “visit” too. Wish I lived closer! I am intrigued by magic shops, too.


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