Weekly Photo Challenge: Three

Michelle’s latest photo challenge asks us to use a three picture posting style to tell a story through images.   This is a technique I’ve enjoyed in the past and when you have a son with a flair for the dramatic composing a visual story is a fun way to pass the time.

Today, with three images,  I’ll show you how we spent a winter snow day.  School was cancelled but since I was working from home Ryan needed something to keep him busy…

Three - 1

He started the morning threatening me with snowballs.

Three - 2

So I decided he could shovel the deck for a little exercise.

Three - 3

After a long lunch and some relaxing on the couch his reward was lots of heavy snowflakes and the perfect conditions for sledding.

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75 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Three

  1. I love that Ryan plays along for your photo story. Beautiful tree in the background of the first photo with the snow covered deck. Nice closer shot of Ryan and the shoveled deck with the green plant just to the side (barely seen in first photo). Happy sledding 🙂


  2. I was going to say I’m tired of selective color. Then I realized it’s not! I’m sorry you have to live in a mostly black & white world. But it’s only for another few months. Hopefully!


  3. That first shot is really gorgeous… the tree and the color in Ryan’s hat and mittens… the composition rocks. Of course it helps that he’s gleefully going to get Mom. Very good story in three.


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