Black & White Tuesday: 2-25-14

B&W Tuesday 2-25-14

The only reason I stopped to take this photo was because of  how much I liked the leafless branches against a vibrant blue winter sky yet here I am on a black & white Tuesday removing all color.  The original brown and blue palette was striking but after viewing it in monochrome I can really appreciate the organic structure of this great old tree.

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34 thoughts on “Black & White Tuesday: 2-25-14

  1. Ha ha, I’m doing EXACTLY the same as although I fiddled and giggled to ensure I had JUST branches against the blue sky last week here I am changing them to black and white!


  2. I’m thinking that the leafless tree in black and white adds to how stark winter can be. It is also a reflection of life at times. Well done!


  3. I don’t think you created a vignette in order to make the middle stand out so brightly. I suspect in occurred inadvertently. It creates an outstanding effect, nevertheless.

    This is a truly beautiful shot.


    1. Thanks so much Allan. You’re right about the vignette effect, there was some interesting light on the tree from low winter sun but the combination of Hipstamatic and Snapseed really highlighted the contrasts. I’m happy to hear you like the finished product. 🙂


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