Travel Theme: Tempting

In honor of Alisa’s newest travel theme “tempting” I have a set of his and hers photos.


Grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s is always full of tough decisions.  This morning I stopped in the entry debating if I should get the Bunch of flowers or do I pick up the Bigger Bunch.  Maybe I could make room in the cart for the Biggest Bunch?

My husbands dilemma is a little more difficult as this year he chose to give up alcohol for Lent.  Five days in and he’s doing great but look what’s on his phone…

Tempting 2

His last Manhattan, lurking in the photo roll.

Posted as part of the weekly Travel Theme:  Tempting.

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40 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Tempting

      1. I agree ! I will try a new adventure at least temporarily ! Good luck to both of us!


  1. And here I thought Manhattan was part of New York City. Guess I need to get out if the Garage more often. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or a pint of Guinness is more my taste. But then again, I do love a good Merlot. Wente Brother’s Winery has a reserve Crane Ridge Merlot that is the best I have ever tasted…but then again, I may be swayed since it comes from the Livermore Valley.


  2. I always regard bought flowers as an extravagance, Lisa, but a lovely treat when your spirits need a lift. Speaking of spirits… 🙂 I really applaud your husband’s strength of mind.


    1. Bought flowers are a little bit of an extravagance but sometimes the treat feels absolutely necessary. 🙂 My husband is doing great and I’m sure he is going to make it through to the end!


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